Barriers exist in the ability for communities to advocate for more and better parks. These barriers include awareness of the importance and impact of parks, understanding in how parks can be created and fostered, and access to resources for making positive change at the local level. Parkology™ is a resource to help park advocates, professionals, and government officials understand what actions they can take, what models and resources are available to follow, and how to connect with others in the parks field.

Parkology is a partnership between City Parks Alliance, National Recreation and Park Association, and The Trust for Public Land aiming to increase local stewardship and park creation by empowering communities and increasing connections to park leaders.

Parkology provides expertise to raise awareness of the importance and impact of parks. We’re devoted to fostering this online community to help you make positive changes in your neighborhood by leveraging knowledge, sharing local information, and strengthening the voice of people who love parks.

We know that no two parks are alike. What works in Austin, Texas may not be the best solution for a park project in Newark, New Jersey. The information provided by Parkology has endured rigorous review by leaders in parks across the country to provide the most relevant answers for most users; however you may have different needs that weren't covered. For more specific questions and concerns, we ask you to join our community and start the conversation.