Avalon Green Alley Network Project

437 E 52nd St, Los Angeles, CA, 90011, USA

Project Partners: 

The project has support and participation from the following partners: City of Los Angeles Council District 9, the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, Cal Poly Pomona, Council for Watershed Health, the Coalition for Responsible Community Development, the Los Angeles Conservation Corps, Community Health Councils, County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation - Regional Park & Open Space District, Food for Less, Magnolia Missionary Baptist Church, Jefferson High School, Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School, Main Street Elementary School, TreePeople, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, and many others.

What started this project: 

In 2010, TPL began engaging the community around green alleys eventually forming the Equipo Verde, a dedicated group of residents working to advance environmental justice issues. The Avalon Green Alley Network is a demonstration project that is part of a larger collaborative effort to advance green alleys in South Los Angeles. The project is featured in the South Los Angeles Green Alley Master Plan, led by TPL and adopted by LA City Council in 2017.


The Avalon Green Alley Network Project aimed to renovate alleys in a South Los Angeles neighborhood that is particularly park-poor and densely populated. Major goals of the project were improved stormwater management, creation of local water supply, neighborhood beautification, and enhanced pedestrian connections and walkability in the project area.


The Trust for Public Land’s approach develops plans for green alleys side-by-side with local residents to tackle fundamental neighborhood problems with innovative solutions, improving the environment as well as the quality of life. Through participatory design and community outreach, and with strong support from public agencies, we build multiple benefits into each green alley, including water quality, flood control, and urban heat island mitigation, to create a healthier, happier environment in the heart of the city.


The Avalon Green Alley Project creates 1.8 acres of improved art alleys and green alleys in a 35 acre neighborhood. The green alleys provide stormwater retrofits in two alley segments including permeable pavers, dry wells and infiltration trenches that harvest rainwater flowing from a 6.04-acre sub-tributary to the Los Angeles River. The project is designed capture and infiltrate 1,381,608 gallons of stormwater into underground aquifers annually. This is enough to serve the annual water needs for over eight Californian household per year. The project also created a 1,515 square-foot car free green alley, planted 154 new street trees, and installed over 10 community based murals.

Project Tagline: 

There are over 900 linear miles of alleys in Los Angeles 30, percent of which are in the dense neighborhood of South Los Angeles. In their current state, these alleys are often magnets for illegal dumping and prone to flooding. Reclaiming underutilized alleys and transforming this single-purpose infrastructure into public spaces that manage flooding is an innovative way to provide community and environmental benefits in an area with limited vacant land and options for new green spaces.