Local Resources

National resources are great for getting the big picture of your park systems, but what about diving into the details? Here are some strategies for getting a more in-depth picture of what is happening locally.

  1. Search for basic information on your city’s website. You may find information on local parks, acreage, amenities, and more. 
  2. Get in touch with your local parks department. You can discuss plans for development of your park system and gain insight into the planning processes for short- and long-term projects. You may find that plans for the development of a park in your area already exist.
  3. Ask how you can get involved! Opening a dialogue with your parks department will also help you understand their capacity. To understand the workings of your local parks department, find out about local operations and maintenance crews, what they do on a regular basis, and what they’d like to do if they had unlimited resources. You can also find volunteer opportunities and programs associated with your local parks department. Often, volunteer support is invaluable. Volunteers can engage in park programming, horticulture, and more. Use your newly minted connection with your local park professionals to positively influence the future of parkland close to your home.

After you've connected with your parks department and you have an in-depth understanding of the needs of your local parks systems, you can use data to drive home support for your park project.

Image credit Christopher T. Martin